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Fogger adapter kit for Geekvape Z series 5.5ml atomizers

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This adapter kit transforms the Geekvape Z Fli Sub-ohm 5.5ml, Geekvape Z Sub-ohm SE 5.5ml and the Geekvape Z Sub-ohm 2021 5.5ml atomizer tanks into a mini fog machine for doing bubble tricks or adding fog for special effects. The adapter is 3d printed from very durable TPU material and is made to order in your color of choice. The kit includes clear polycarbonate tubes. The blow tube is 16mm in diameter by approximately 13cm (5 inches) long. I provide both a fat (16mm) and skinny (9mm) fog tube that are about 21.5cm long (8.5 inches).

Please note that this kit does not include the required ecig parts. There are several suitable ecig kits that contain both a compatible tank and appropriate battery unit. They include the following: Geekvape Max100 ecig kit, Geekvape L200 ecig kit with Z Sub-ohm 2021 5.5ml tank. Please note: this adapter will only fit atomizer tanks it is designed for. If you're not sure, contact me and I will guide you in selecting the correct atomizer tank or ecig kit.  This video details which tank you need and how to set the fogger adapter up: