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Reservoir bubbler

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Color device allows you to create a continuous stream of bubbles using your breath. When combined with one of my fogger adapters you can use it to easily make hundreds and hundreds of roughly golf ball sized fog filled bubbles. This bubbler is designed for and will work best with Gazillion premium bubble solution in the green bottle. Other bubble solutions will work as well, but Gazillion in the green bottle is thicker than most. Other bubble solutions will likely require more frequent refills. This bubble is 3d printed from ABS and TPU and comes with a 16mm diameter clear polycarbonate tube. You can use this bubbler without fog. If you want to use this bubbler to create fog filled bubbles you'll have to attach it to a fog machine that accepts a 16mm diameter tube. Please note, this bubbler does not come with a fog machine. Choose your color from the drop down list.