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TFV18 bubble fogger adapter kit

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This bubble fogger adapter kit transforms the Smok TFV18 atomizer tank into a rugged and very effective mini fog machine, perfect for making fog filled bubbles in sizes from tiny to very large. The main parts of the adapter are 3d printed from very durable TPU material and the fog and blow tubes are made of clear polycarbonate. The standard blow and fog tubes are 16mm diameter. I include a skinny 9mm fog tube for precision bubble work or tiny bubbles. 

Please note that this kit requires that you supply a Smok TFV18 atomizer tank and an appropriate battery unit (mod) to power it. I recommend the Smok Arcfox Kit, as it consists of the correct tank and a waterproof and rugged battery unit. The Arcfox mod requires two 18650 rechargeable battery cells that can be purchased from the retailer you buy the ecig parts from. Contact me for reputable resellers in your region for the correct required ecig parts.